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Is This the Right Site Design For Me

This site design is geared for those businesses who may or may not be involved with eCommerce but who have or are building a retail presence and are who’s product can be found at events and retail accounts throughout the Hudson Valley.

While some may question the need for such when they seem to be fairly well known, remember in order to grow your business your customers must be able to locate your product with ease.

This site design lets your customers know exactly where they can purchase your company’s product as well as where they can meet the team at local community events. Including online if you desire.

Highlights of the Market Presence Site Design

  • Easy to navigate front page layout
  • Image or slider heading
  • Company introduction or vision
  • Testimonials, image slider, location maps, connect social media
  • Event calander
  • Retailer location maps with optional GEO location & directions
  • Optional Blog for product introduction
  • Company Contact on site (no annoying calls at home)
  • Fully Customizeable
  • Optional eCommerce store with Stripe or PayPal (SSL Requrement)
  • Search Engine Optimization, SSL, newsletter and more!

“Maples are usually tapped beginning at 30 to 40 years of age.

Each tree can support between one and three taps, depending on its trunk diameter. The average maple tree will produce 35 to 50 litres (9.2 to 13.2 US gal) of sap per season, up to 12 litres (3.2 US gal) per day. This is roughly equal to seven percent of its total sap. Seasons last for four to eight weeks, depending on the weather. During the day, starch stored in the roots for the winter rises through the trunk as sugary sap, allowing it to be tapped. Sap is not tapped at night because the temperature drop inhibits sap flow, although taps are typically left in place overnight. Some producers also tap in autumn, though this practice is less common than spring tapping. Maples can continue to be tapped for sap until they are over 100 years old.”  Wikipedia

Who needs Vermont when you have this delicious maple syrup right here in the valley.
John Doe

This is a Demo Site for – This demo represents an eCommerce site with optional blog – Maple Mary’s does not exist….. Yet…