We offer services to artisans in the food industry in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Whether you make cookies, chocolates, syrups, jams, cheese, meat products, wine or honey, if it’s edible we can help! 
Sorry we don’t accept clients from home based franchises

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“Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Explore. Indulge a curiosity. You never know where it might take you.” ~ Jeff Haden

Are you in need of a website designed by someone who understands the challenges you face as a small business food artisan in the Hudson Valley? We can offer what you’re looking for. Clean design tailored to your product and business. Need an eCommerce platform or business exposure in the marketplace. We can do that for you. 

  • SSL encrypted eCommerce solutions
  • Shipping solutions
  • Imagery assistance
  • SEO
  • Writing and style directive
  • Much More

Please view the demo sites in the navigation above. We offer three basic designs that can be customized to your business needs. See Bob and Jim’s for a demo of our business identification site. Maple Mary’s for our eCommerce site, and Baron VonCheese for our Market Site. Also view our list of available customization.

We take great pride in the professionalism of our work.

We have an unyielding determination to achieve excellence. Though we may be involved in a wide variety and of activity, we would, rather be best than biggest.

“Offering a product of the highest quality ensures repeat customers and a foundation to create a tradition they long to engage in.”
Sally RichGal
"We maintain high ethical and moral standards when creating, marketing and selling our product."
Dwight RetiredGuy

We understand the challenges small food businesses face in the Hudson Valley from first hand experience. We also know the specific complexities of bridging your website with the needs of your business and customers.

Our design and implementation services are focused for those in the food industry whose products might be found at farm markets, HV events, boutique shops and the like, this includes local farms, distilleries, basically anything you can eat created or grown in the Hudson Valley.

Why choose us over other options? We actually encourage you to look at what other site builders offer before making a decision. Take time to look at other sites and ask if they represent in a professional manner. Then contact us, and let us know what you need to help show your products off to the Valley.

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